Sight Reading Made Simple

Developing sight reading skills is key to musical independence, but constantly finding new materials to practice is a challenge.
But not anymore.

Sight Reading Studio makes it easy to generate unlimited music based on a wide variety of parameters. You can even practice your generated pieces and receive real-time feedback as you play along.

The best part? Sight Reading Studio is only $19.99 per year.


Unlimited Music. Unlimited Possibilities.

With Sight Reading Studio’s music generation engine, you can quickly create unlimited music for individuals or ensembles. You can also customize your music with fine-tunable control over the keys, time signatures, rhythmic patterns, and more.

But generating unlimited music is more than just cycling through a random combination of notes. What makes Sight Reading Studio truly unique is how tuneful the music is. Whether you’re creating an exercise for a single instrument or an entire ensemble, you can be sure that the music will look and sound great.

Engaging and Impactful Practice

Say goodbye to tedious solo practice. Sight Reading Studio is the only web-based application that can not only generate music, but also assess your performance of the music in real-time, turning your practice sessions into a fun and interactive musical experience.

Open your exercise in the Practice app and you’ll get instant feedback on the accuracy of your pitch, tempo, and rhythm. You’ll even receive a score based on how well you played.


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