Music for the Holidays

music for the holidays

As we approach the festive winter concert season, you know it’s time to shine and spread some holiday cheer with the talents your students have honed all semester. It’s the perfect moment to program selections from the treasure trove of holiday music available in MakeMusic Cloud, ensuring your ensembles deliver unforgettable performances. Let’s explore the various genres of holiday music awaiting your review in these shareable playlists:

Holiday Pops—Rediscover the Classics

The classics never go out of style; during the holidays, they’re a surefire hit. Dive into holiday pops, where arrangers continually craft fresh interpretations of beloved tunes, infusing them with new life. These creative arrangements will enchant students and audiences alike, making each piece feel like a new gem.

holiday pops band orchestra holiday pops jazz holiday pops choir

Carol Arrangements—A Timeless Tradition

Carols are the heart and soul of holiday concerts, whether a spirited audience sing-along or a grand, orchestral performance. Explore a wide array of arrangements that can add a touch of tradition and nostalgia to your repertoire.

carols band carols orchestra carols jazz 

Hanukkah—Embrace the Festival of Lights

Honor the rich culture of Hanukkah with original songs or arrangements of traditional Hebrew folk tunes. Celebrate the Festival of Lights in style and share this beautiful music with your audience.

hannukah band hannukah orchestra hannukah jazz hannukah choir

Holiday & Winter Originals—A Dash of Originality

While the classics are essential, remember to infuse some originality into your December performances. Balance the well-loved holiday tunes with fresh compositions that capture the season’s essence.

Holiday & Winter band Holiday & Winter orchestra Holiday & Winter choir

Novelty—Add Some Fun and Personality

Give your students a chance to showcase their personality and bring some light-hearted moments to your program. Novelty songs can provide a delightful contrast to formal performances, leaving your audience smiling.

novelty band novelty orchestra novelty jazz novelty choir

With MakeMusic Cloud’s extensive collection of holiday music, you have all the tools to create unforgettable holiday performances that will leave a lasting impact on your students and audiences alike. Start exploring these playlists today and craft a musical experience that will ring in the holiday spirit.

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