Sight-Reading Success in Just a Few Minutes Per Day

Sight reading is a skill that every musician can always improve upon, but creating daily opportunities to practice this skill can require a lot of preparation and materials. Enter: Sight Reading Studio

With Sight Reading Studio, available as a standalone subscription and included in MakeMusic Cloud subscriptions, it is easy to generate infinite exercises within parameters that you can specify or select from our preset levels. Once you have set parameters that you like, you can generate a brand new exercise to read with one click, and do so as many times as you’d like to! 

A valuable music classroom tool 

Sight Reading Studio makes sight reading practice during class time a breeze. With a little preparation and a few repetitions, your students will be ready to sight read on the daily. 

Here’s how to generate a template or exercise for sight reading:

When it’s time to sight read in class, establish a routine that works well for you and your students that you can consistently work through. Consider using a student leader to click the generate button between exercises so that you can be walking around the room supporting your students. 

Keep all students engaged by encouraging a group who is not currently reading the exercise to act as sleuths to look for who has the best posture, hand position, engagement, foot tap, or anything else you are focusing on with students. Allow time for them to compliment their peers in between reps to build community.

Finally, celebrate small victories with your students and encourage them to continue to put forth their best efforts daily to get better and better! 

Power sight reading up with available assessment 

Sight Reading Studio also includes our powerful assessment algorithm. You can easily gamify the classroom experience by keeping assessment on during class time (and potentially encouraging a little bit of fun competition). 

The uses for Sight Reading Studio stretch far beyond the classroom —the powerful assessment feature makes it easy for individuals to practice on their own. Even if you do not assign a sight reading score as an assignment, anyone can open a share link, play through your customized score (generate infinite versions of it), and receive instant feedback!

You can easily share your sight reading outline with anyone by clicking Share inside of Sight Reading Studio, and generating a public link. 

Commit to a daily sight reading practice 

Commit to spending a few minutes daily on sight reading and you’ll see fantastic results! Get your students involved and mark off your class sight reading streak on a classroom calendar. Enjoy the pride and confidence boost you’ll see in your students (and their musical improvement, too). Start using Sight Reading Studio to support you in your efforts to support your students!

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