Unlock the Power of Playful Learning with Sight Reading Studio!

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12/12/2023 - 12/12/2023
5:00 pm
Are you ready to transform the way you approach sight reading? Join Dr. Arin Levy, MakeMusic Account Specialist and Music Educator, for an exciting webinar that explores the innovative and engaging features of Sight Reading Studio. Hear success stories from students and educators and let the power of playful learning elevate your musical journey with Sight Reading Studio. Reserve your spot now for an experience that combines education with pure enjoyment!

Dr. Arin Levy is a percussionist and improviser based in Denver, CO working as an Account Specialist with MakeMusic, Inc. Within this role, they work closely with educators and administrators primarily in the Southeastern US to implement MakeMusic Cloud seamlessly into the classroom. Before coming to MakeMusic, they spent a decade focused on teaching percussion throughout the Midwest and Southeast, from elementary school through college, most notably at The University of Alabama. Although Arin is no longer active in the classroom, music education remains a staple in Arin’s life through the passion of technology.